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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2022-01-25 15:51:30

    At present, many sculpture factories do relief design customization, but most of them do not take relief as the main business category, because relief is not profitable compared with sculpture, the profit is very low and laborious, the production process is complex, the production cycle is long and the molding is complex, so many Nanjing sculpture factories only make relief with them, If there is no other project, just make do with it, or don't do it at all. This is the current situation.
    Relief design is a professional discipline, and it is best to be done by professional people. At present, many relief production areas in the market are about 10 square meters, which also leads to a chicken rib phenomenon of relief design: relief design companies design, and the design fee can not be collected; If you don't design, the company also supports people, but you can't always be idle. This is often a very embarrassing scene.
    The current sculpture companies will focus on stainless steel sculpture, because stainless steel sculpture projects have three characteristics: large projects, high profits and many continuous projects. The design and customization of relief is just the opposite, so there is also a bad phenomenon in the market: take more projects at the low market price, and then reduce the process, reduce the material standard and reduce the production cycle, which generally reduce the quality to make profits. Therefore, some customers who pursue urination will always be deceived, because the profit of relief has been pitifully low, The pursuit of lower prices means lower quality.
    Nanjing Xiandeng sculpture factory has been deeply engaged in relief murals. Different relief design and production materials will be carefully studied and tried to make relief works more perfect in the production stage and better decorate our modern life. In the relief design stage, sculpture designers also communicate with the industry every year to learn more about the forms and language of relief. We will also study the history and culture of ancient relief murals, especially Chinese traditional culture, traditional decoration and traditional decorative patterns in ancient Chinese history, so as to make the culture go deep into our relief design and make the relief design more contemporary and cultural.
    Nowadays, the materials of relief are mostly FRP, red copper and stone. Now, Nanjing sculpture factory has achieved good results in the performance and application of these three materials, and has also produced many excellent works for the society. In the production of FRP relief, we have accumulated rich experience in production and installation. However, the accumulated experience in stainless steel, wood carving, cast iron and other fields is still too little, which is also due to less market demand.
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