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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2022-01-18 17:05:53

    1. The kitchen sewer pipe is used frequently, and it is inevitable that it will be blocked. In this case, first judge the reason. If it is blocked by some sundries, you can find something like iron wire to get the dirt out. If not, and the house has not lived for a long time, you can find a decoration company, because it is a quality problem. If the project is hidden, it is guaranteed free of charge for five years.
    2. If the kitchen sewer pipe is blocked, the first thing to do is to close the water pipe to avoid more ponding. Don't try to flush the impurities down through water. First look at what blocked the kitchen sink. Generally, the sewer pipes at home are blocked by grease, so it will be better to pour a pot of boiled water into the water pipe first, and then dredge it. If the drainage is still not smooth, use an iron wire to penetrate down. General small problems can be solved from these two aspects.
    3. When there is no obvious blockage in the drainage pipe of the pool or sink, the overflow hole can be blocked with a wet cloth, and then the sediment can be removed with a plunger. If the blockage of the drainage pipe of the pool or sink cannot be removed by using a plunger, a bucket can be placed at the water storage bend of the drainage pipe, and then the elbow can be unscrewed to remove the blockage inside.
    4. Generally, the place where the kitchen sewer pipe is blocked is mostly a U-shaped bend. If it is a sewer pipe with sewage screw, it is easy to do. Screw it off directly, but before treatment, put a sewage basin under it to avoid soiling the cabinet. After unscrewing, connect both sides with a steel wire, which can generally be solved quickly. If it has not been solved, the problem can be solved by removing all the downpipes, unscrewing all the plastic connectors, washing them, removing the impurities inside and assembling them in turn.
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