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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2022-01-10 15:34:26

    In the eyes of many people, cleaning the septic tank is a very simple job. They just feel that the septic tank is too dirty and no one is willing to clean it by themselves. In fact, cleaning the septic tank is not a complicated thing, but it needs some professional tools and standardized operation process and cleaning knowledge. Otherwise, cleaning the septic tank is not easy and dangerous.
    Let me talk to you about the operating procedures, standards and precautions for cleaning septic tanks as follows:
    1. Open the cover plate of the septic tank with an iron hook, and then use a long bamboo rod (8m) to disperse the debris caking layer in the septic tank.
    2. Drive the dung suction truck to the work site, set up the dung suction hose (5m long, 3 for standby) and put it into the septic tank.
    3. Start the switch of the septic truck to suck out the feces until the fecal agglomerates in the septic tank are suked up, so as to prevent soiling the work site and the clothes of passers-by.
    4. Cover the septic tank well and wash the work site and all tools with clean water.
    5. Clean once a year, 90% of the primary pool, 75% of the secondary pool and all the hard surfaces of the tertary pool. 6. After cleaning, there is no sediment floating on the well, the inlet and outlet are unblocked, and the sewage does not overflow the ground.
    7. 10 ~ 15min after the septic tank well cover is opened, people are not allowed to stand by the tank. It is forbidden to ignite or smoke near the tank to prevent people from being burned by biogas fire.
    8. People are not allowed to work in the pool to prevent poisoning or falling into the water.
    9. After the septic tank well cover is opened, the staff shall not leave the site. After cleaning, the well cover shall be covered to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well.
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