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    止霜凍開裂。在中國北方,施工一般不在嚴寒的冬季進行。因此,在施工完成后,水泵和水管中的水將立即排出,以防止將來出現問題。 冬季放水,在每次吸水離心泵之前,應在水泵中加入一定量的水。添加后,必須關閉供水。使用自吸式水泵時,需要加水。將來,沒有必要加水。
    Prevent frost cracking. In northern China, construction is generally not carried out in cold winter. Therefore, after the construction is completed, the water in the water pump and water pipe will be discharged immediately to prevent problems in the future. For water discharge in winter, a certain amount of water shall be added to the pump before each suction centrifugal pump. After adding, the water supply must be turned off. When the self-priming pump is used for the first time, it is necessary to add water. In the future, there is no need to add water.
    First, use a plastic pipe with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of about 1 meter. One end is tightly placed on the faucet, the other end is inserted into the plug, and the cloth is wrapped around the plastic pipe and blocked in the drain pipe. After turning on the faucet, the mouth washes away the sludge under the pressure of water. It is a very troublesome thing to encounter pipe blockage. So what are the useful ways to remove pipes in our lives? Hope to know friends, listen to the owner of the company!
    Due to the construction structure, when there is pipe B on the riser, the upper part of pipe B shall be repaired according to the specifications. If there are no design requirements, the cleaning pipe shall be equipped with more than 2 large bathrooms or more than 3 sanitary ware. According to the specified construction and acceptance regulations, the sewage angle on the horizontal pipeline is less than 135 degrees. Inspection port or cleaning port shall be set.
    Go to the mall to buy professional cleaning pipe powder, such as (swallowing king), which seems to be lime powder. If something is blocked, it is just a special tool to clean the pipe upstairs. Sixth, animal oil blockage: if it is oily, it is recommended to use boiled water. Of course, if you can buy better effect.
    買些小蘇打和醋。管道疏浚有很多方法和工具,可根據實際情況選擇。如果下水道是一種新型的PVC材料,那么可以用真空泵吸取上面的水,然后可以填充醋,苛性鈉,工業醋,工業堿等,但應注意如果它是一個老式的鐵管,它不能同時混合。下水管的材料,很多只嘗試使用醋水平的弱酸,它會在物體引入后約3小時內有效。解鎖廚房管道 - 其他工具清理廚房管道工具和方法清除管道找到合適的人不添加“阻塞”
    Buy some baking soda and vinegar. There are many methods and tools for pipeline dredging, which can be selected according to the actual situation. If the sewer is a new type of PVC material, you can use a vacuum pump to absorb the water above, and then fill it with vinegar, caustic soda, industrial vinegar, industrial alkali, etc., but it should be noted that if it is an old-fashioned iron pipe, it cannot be mixed at the same time. For the materials of downpipes, many only try to use weak acids at the level of vinegar, which will be effective within about 3 hours after the introduction of objects. Unlock kitchen pipes - other tools to clean kitchen pipes tools and methods to remove pipes find the right person without adding "blocking"
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