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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2021-12-17 14:18:15

    Water enters the water tank through the pipe equipped with angle valve. With the continuous rise of the level, it will lift the floating ball together. When the floating ball reaches a certain height, it will close the incoming pipeline (mainly closed through the water stop rubber ring shown in the figure). At this time, the water tank will not make up water. When the flushing handle is pressed, the water stop rubber at the lower part of the water tank will be pulled into a circle to open it. At this time, the water will enter the toilet seat. The specific pumping principle is as follows:
    The "water pumping" of the toilet refers to the S-shaped bend below the toilet. During sewage discharge, when the water surface in the toilet exceeds the high point of the S-bend, the siphon phenomenon is formed, which can pump the water and dirt of the toilet together. Until only a small amount of water is left, the siphon is damaged, leaving a small amount of water to form a water seal.
    Almost everyone has encountered toilet blockage, which is not a small problem. If the toilet is not dredged in time, it will seriously affect people's life. It is suggested that you go to the supermarket to buy a leather chuaizi, fill the squatting pan with water, aim at the squatting pan mouth, and use air pressure to solve the blockage problem.
    The situation of toilet blockage in each family is different. Therefore, we should first find out the causes of the blockage, and then take targeted solutions. If it is blocked by soft substances, we don't have to worry. We can pour hot water into the toilet to soften the blockage in the sewer pipe and let it soak for a period of time. After softening, we can see that the sewage gradually fades away, and we can wash it with a bucket of water. Or use special tools to dredge the toilet or stir with iron wire. Basically, this blockage can also be solved through the principle of pressure.
    Because the toilet is blocked from time to time, in order to facilitate people to pass the toilet, the toilet spirit has been launched on the market. As long as the blockage of your toilet is not too serious, you can use it to dredge it. However, the toilet spirit is corrosive, so you need to be careful. First introduce hot water into the squatting toilet, and then pour in the liquid. See the manual for the amount.
    If the button of the toilet doesn't pop up, it means that the flush valve of the toilet is broken. How to repair the toilet? We can determine the size of the flush valve by measuring the height of the inner wall of the toilet water tank, the diameter of the drain hole and the water inlet hole. After purchasing a new flush valve, we first remove the upper part of the drainage kit, Then loosen the screws in the lower part and take out the lower iron plate. We will put the bottom of the newly bought water valve right, and pay attention to be concentric with the drainage hole. Next, put the iron plate at an appropriate angle, tighten the screws, and install the upper half of the drainage kit.