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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2022-01-18 16:58:22

    1、 浮雕的制作大致可分以下幾個方面;材料分為粘土、油泥、木板、玻璃板、石膏粉、泥塑刀。 劃線造型以木板或玻璃板為底,敷泥寫生,視泥板如紙,以刀作筆劃線矩形,力求輪廓準確,形象生動。
    1. The production of relief can be roughly divided into the following aspects; The materials are divided into clay, oil mud, wood board, glass board, gypsum powder and clay knife. The scribing shape is based on wood or glass plate, covered with mud and sketched from life. The mud plate is like paper, and the rectangle is scribing with a knife as a pen, so as to strive for accurate outline and vivid image.
    2. Positioning: first, determine the height and depth of the relief according to the needs of the decorative body, and the outdoor and remote decorative relief can be higher; Close view and interior decoration should be low. The height standard of relief is called "standing position", that is, the edge line of relief image is perpendicular to the straight surface of the bottom plate. It is not only the ruler that determines the height of relief, but also the edge line that determines the outline image of relief shape. The establishment of standing position enters the shaping of image details and structure, which is expressed from oblique position and circular position. The oblique turning is powerful, while the circular position is excessively soft. In addition to the positioning techniques, the techniques of relief also include: such as brush strokes, knife marks, mud, texture, sculpture shaping techniques and so on.
    3. Instead: decorative relief is different from proportional compression relief. It scrupulously abides by the strict plane feeling of the relief surface, which is not only the need of visual appreciation, but also the requirement of practicality and architecture. This requires to stimulate the skill of using time to shape the image of relief. It should not only keep the relief surface flat, but also achieve the effect of three-dimensional image, Instead of skillfully using light and shadow, it has become one of the special skills and decorative techniques of decorative relief.
    4. If you want to process and color the relief, you can directly spray it with advertising color to form a stone effect. It can also be made into a metal effect, with varnish as the base, and then coated with oil painting color and gold and silver powder, which has one of the metal textures. It is a relief decoration.
    5. The creation and design of colored sculpture requires drawing and overall consideration. It is not a simple sculpture coloring, but must show the "combination of color and plastic", commonly known as "three plastic and seven painting". In order to facilitate painting, the ups and downs of the body surface are boldly omitted from the clay sculpture, and sometimes the surface is polished for many times. Color painting and painting strengthen and enrich the vividness and expressiveness of the sculpture image. Some ornaments and props in shape can also be made of other materials. Such as crown, jewelry, sword, etc., can be made of wood, iron, feather and cloth. This cooperative method of using various materials to shape the image in sculpture is also the characteristic of decorative sculpture.
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