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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2021-12-01 15:03:15

    When a toilet or kitchen pipe gets clogged, many people buy a drain cleaner to fix it. However, if the pipe unblocking agent is used improperly, it will not only not solve the problem, but also bring the hidden danger of safety.
    Jinan Pipe Dredge Shengguo pipe cleaning remind you, in the face of sewage pipe impassability or home toilet blocked, to contact the professional to deal with the first time, never a person without authorization.
    For example, Ms. Zhang found some clogs in the sink when she was cleaning the dishes, so she found a “Drain remover”that she bought online not long ago. According to the instructions, Ms. Zhang will be a small amount of dredger poured into the pipe plug, and then open the tap, fill the right amount of water. After completing the above steps, Mr. Liu stood by the pool and waited to see if the dredging agent was good.
    “Bang...”before Ms. Zhang had time to react, the manhole spouted a large amount of liquid, Ms. Zhang could not dodge, the face immediately felt a hot tingle. “Fortunately, I immediately closed my eyes, otherwise burned the eyeball will be more trouble!”
    Jinan Pipeline Dredge said such cases do not occur one or two, still some people use dredge agent, so we remind the public, should be cautious use of such dredge agent. Doctors at the hospital’s burn and plastic surgery department say most of the pipe cleaners on the market contain strong acids and Alkalis.
    It is reported that the material in the pipeline dredging agent after water will have a severe reaction, produce high heat, and even boiling, highly corrosive, can easily burn people’s skin. Many people tend to be close to each other when they are working to unclog the pipes, which means that the unsafe material can deepen wounds if not handled properly, and cause harm if liquid spills into the eyes.