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    1、 Excrement is not cleaned regularly! According to incomplete statistics. If the septic tank is not cleaned temporarily, it will lead to fecal slagging. The septic tank is almost empty, and the feces will not be treated harmlessly, but will be directly discharged from the municipal pipeline. In addition, when the cleaning and sealing level of septic tank is high, if biogas overflows, it may even lead to biogas explosion.
    2、 Septic tank cleaning is like a "sewage treatment plant"
    1. 環衛公廁糞便經各區環衛部門處理后,再經市政污水處理廠處理;社會化糞池(除住宅、辦公樓、賓館、酒店外)的糞便排入市政。通過三級化糞池處理,達到無害化糞池規范。正常情況下,污水經化糞池過濾后,可去除60%-70%的懸浮物,80%-90%的動植物油,90 95%的好氧病原體,保證化糞池清理后可以全部正常使用。
    1. The feces of sanitation public toilets are treated by the district sanitation departments and then treated by the municipal sewage treatment plant; The feces from social septic tanks (except residential buildings, office buildings, hotels and hotels) are discharged into the municipal administration. Through three-stage septic tank treatment, it can meet the specification of harmless septic tank. Under normal circumstances, after the sewage is filtered by the septic tank, 60% - 70% of suspended solids, 80% - 90% of animal and vegetable oils and 90% - 95% of aerobic pathogens can be removed to ensure that all septic tanks can be used normally after cleaning.
    2. Managers and citizens are aware that the feces entering the septic tank will "melt", and do not know that about 40% of the digested sludge in the septic tank needs to be removed regularly; Lack of awareness of the hidden dangers of septic tanks. Apart from polluting the environment and putting pressure on sewage discharge, it will also cause biogas explosion and harm the public. At present, the construction of septic tank needs the approval of environmental sanitation department, but the management problem after completion is vacuum; Objectively maintain the disposal capacity of septic tank.
    Three. Unclean septic tanks may cause explosions.
    Septic tank cleaning is mainly a conservative three-level septic tank, and the temporary lack of septic tank cleaning is harmful. It is reported that. Its function is to precipitate and retain feces. It usually takes 30 days of anaerobic fermentation to reduce the amount of feces and reduce the concentration of sewage entering the domestic sewage discharge pipe network. However, when the bottom of the septic tank is precipitated by waste, the space and time left for manure fermentation are insufficient, which directly affects the effect of harmless disposal.
    When the excrement board reaches a certain height, the excrement is equivalent to directly discharging into the septic tank without any treatment. At this time, the septic tank is only nominal, and the septic tank has no septic effect. In addition, if the sealing level of septic tank is high, biogas explosion may be caused if biogas overflows. If the septic tank is ineffective, it will increase the pressure of the sewage treatment plant. The cleaning interval of septic tank shall not exceed one year, otherwise the septic tank will not play its due effect.
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