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    First, pour an appropriate amount of boiled soda powder into the sewer, and then pour an appropriate amount of high concentration vinegar. Soda and vinegar may react violently to remove grease and other viscous substances from the pipe. Fold soda and vinegar. First take the diameter. Insert the log very close to the drain into the drain, put enough water into the pool, and then quickly turn the log up and down. Under pressure and suction, dirt in the pipe may be washed away.
    The sewage treatment tank is mainly composed of sedimentation tank, oxidation tank, regulating tank and sludge tank. Sludge is mainly concentrated in grid slag, sediment, biological sludge, etc. Rushing out of the mud is a very important work in the operation of the sewage tank. The sedimentation tank contains a large amount of sludge, most of which is organic matter. If not in a hurry, it will produce anaerobic fermentation, resulting in sludge floating.
    Many pipelines are congested for a long time. Over the years, the fluid in the pipeline has been connected to the pipeline wall, making the pipeline gradually thinner. The chemical reaction between the pipe itself and other materials changes gradually. The pipe will be blocked. Therefore, it is necessary to pay subconscious attention to the domestic pipeline utilization cycle and implement it regularly.
    Main pipelines: the company has large, medium and small dredging machines and high-pressure cleaning machines, specializing in cleaning all kinds of main pipelines.
    Basin: specialized in dredging various basins, including (V-type, S-type) and other pipelines.
    Deep pit: due to the blockage caused by urinary alkali and scale caused by the old elbow in the pit, the headquarters has adopted good technologies and solutions to remove various blockages based on years of accumulated experience.
    For pipes with a diameter of 600 or even 800, this cleaning vehicle can only rely on luck, which requires the use of high-pressure cleaning vehicles to remove. If you want to fundamentally solve the problem, you need to clean all the sludge inside. It uses equipment such as sludge cleaning machine. The use of these pipes is more complex and the damage caused by blockage is greater. Dredging this kind of pipeline usually uses high-pressure cleaning vehicles to clean the pipeline. The larger the pipe diameter, the higher the performance requirements of the vehicle. The cleaning range of high-pressure cleaning vehicles usually found on the road is pipes with a diameter of 500mm or less.
    Equipped with high-pressure cleaning vehicle. The manure suction truck has the function of automatic dry and wet separation. It can divide the collected garbage into two parts, and the garbage is discharged when the garbage is empty. The fecal problem disappeared. The high-pressure cleaning vehicle dredges all kinds of sewers with a diameter of 100-700cm, and the working pressure reaches 700kg water pressure, which can clean the blockage caused by grease, sand and other reasons.