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    Method 1: boiled water
    經常洗碗我們就會知道,用熱水清洗碗上的油漬就比冷水容易一些 。對于不嚴重的下水道堵塞我們也可以采用同樣的原理,用開水來沖下水道,就是用熱水融化殘留在下水道管壁的油污。開水要準備足夠(建議準備燒開水的壺滿滿一壺),保持連續灌入下水道。
    Often wash dishes, we will know that it is easier to wash the oil stains on the dishes with hot water than cold water. We can also use the same principle for minor sewer blockage. Flushing the sewer with boiled water is to use hot water to melt the oil remaining on the sewer pipe wall. Sufficient boiling water shall be prepared (it is recommended that the pot for boiling water be full), and it shall be continuously poured into the sewer.
    Method 2: baking soda + boiling water
    We all know that the chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline when dissolved in water, and the oil ester in oil stain will be hydrolyzed under alkaline conditions. Pour an appropriate amount of baking soda into the pot with hot water, and pour the baking soda water into the sewer continuously and slowly; You can also pour baking soda directly into the sewer and dissolve baking soda with the water in the sewer. In a few minutes, after the baking soda fully reacts with the oil ester in the sewer, pour it with boiling water and it will be basically dredged.
    Method 3: use pipeline dredging agent
    If the method of boiling water and baking soda still can't dredge the sewer or the dredging result is not ideal, you can also choose to buy a special pipe dredging agent, which is sold in supermarkets and various shopping websites. Because these special dredging agents have a variety of components that dissolve the oil.
    Method 4: special dredger
    In contemporary society, as long as we can think of things, we can basically sell them. Boiling water and dredging agent can't solve the blockage of water. Do you want to find something to see if there is something else blocked. At home, we usually choose iron wire, but the iron wire is not easy to operate at the corner of the sewer. Here, we need to buy a special dredger, insert the dredger into the sewer, clean the oil stain in the sewer by rotating the dredger, and the sewer is basically dredged.
    Method 5: pip
    In addition to the special dredger in method 4, there is also a leather pick to clean up the sewage oil. By lifting the handle, a vacuum space is formed between the piston inside the plunger barrel and the sewer, and the continuous lifting handle generates pressure to suck up the blocked dirt in the sewer to dredge the sewer.
    The above is the knowledge about Jinan pipeline dredging provided by Xiaobian. For more wonderful content, please continue to pay attention to our website: http://www.guanyinhuofo.com