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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2021-09-11 16:29:38

    1. Floor drain blockage
    The sewer of the toilet is often blocked! Sometimes when you take a bath and the water doesn't flow out for half a day, you can only stand in the dirty water. It's very disgusting. The sewer is blocked because of some hair, toilet paper and some messy garbage. Many families will choose to clean those sundries with their fingers. If they are not clean, they will be blocked again soon!
    There is a special sewer for laundry, but according to the season, the sewer always emits a smell and small insects fly out of it. Therefore, the water outlet must not be directly inserted into the floor drain. Try to put a sealing ring on the pipe. The sealing plug is multi-layer threaded to fit the pipe. The spring will not fall into the pipe and stay away from odor mosquitoes.
    If the sewer is blocked, don't flush it with hot water. Just these three moves can open in 1 minute
    2. The sink is blocked
    The kitchen is a place for cooking. We enter it every day. The reasons for the blockage of the sink are as follows: there are insoluble solids transferred into the drain pipe of the sink and stuck in the elbow, such as bone, cement residue or steel brush; In addition, a large amount of oil was not discharged in time, which accumulated in the pipeline, resulting in blockage.
    So it's easy to jam and smell, which makes people headache. First of all, we can use a retractable cleaner. Its sharp barbs can directly hook out the blockage such as vegetable leaves, hair and food residues for dredging without damaging the pipeline.
    If the sewer is blocked, don't flush it with hot water. Just these three moves can open in 1 minute
    3. Toilet blockage
    What I fear most in home life is that the toilet in the bathroom is blocked, which is a very embarrassing thing, causing great inconvenience to our life. In life, people have more or less encountered the problem of sewer or toilet blockage. They usually find the staff specialized in dredging the toilet to solve it. In fact, they can solve it by themselves.
    First of all, we need to see what causes the blockage. If it is caused by soft materials, such as rags, women's paper, rags and so on, we need special toilet tools to dredge. Every family should have an artifact to connect the toilet. Strong pressure can be dredged in an instant. It takes time to invite someone to repair the waste. The compressed gas can release strong pressure in an instant to easily flush away the toilet or pipe blockage.