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    1. Open the cover plate of the septic tank with an iron hook, and then use a long bamboo rod (8m) to disperse the debris caking layer in the septic tank. Drive the dung suction truck to the work site, set up the dung suction hose (5m long, 3 for standby) and put it into the septic tank. Start the switch of the septic truck to suck out the feces until the fecal agglomerates in the septic tank are sucked up, so as to prevent soiling the work site and the clothes of passers-by.
    2. After the septic tank well cover is opened, the staff shall not leave the site. After cleaning, the well cover shall be covered to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well.
    3. After the septic tank well cover is opened, ventilate for 10 ~ 15 minutes. People are not allowed to stand by the tank. It is forbidden to ignite, smoke or pick up and call mobile phones at the tank side, so as to prevent people from being injured by biogas fire or explosion.
    4. People are not allowed to work in the pool to prevent poisoning or falling into the water. If you have to go down the tank, you must wear gas masks, chemical protective clothing and take relevant protective measures. Before officially clearing the septic tank, you should first make safety signs around the septic tank to prevent passers-by from accidentally falling into the tank.
    5. Pay attention to ventilation: before cleaning the septic tank, open the well cover and use the blower or exhaust fan to ventilate the septic tank for more than 15 minutes. It should be noted that do not pay attention to detecting the air in the pool near the well: before going down the well to clean up, use equipment to detect whether there is toxic gas. After confirming that there is no problem, wear protective mask and fasten safety rope, and use safety lighting tools.
    6. Don't go down the well easily in case of an accident: in case of an accident during the cleaning operation of the septic tank, do not go down the well blindly for rescue, because you should immediately call the police for help to prevent more casualties. Smoke or use an open flame.
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