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    Biogas digester is a device used to treat feces, filter and precipitate feces. The principle is as follows: the solidified substance decomposes at the bottom of the tank, the upper hydration flows into the pipeline, prevents the pipeline from blocking, and gives the solidified substance (such as feces) enough time for hydrolysis.
    It refers to a small treatment structure for anaerobic digestion and sludge separation of domestic sewage. The design principle of FRP septic tank does not affect the building foundation; Generally, the distance from the drinking water pool shall not be less than 10m, and the distance from the underground water intake structure shall not be less than 30m. At this time, if the septic tank is not cleaned in time, the biogas concentration will be too high, and the septic tank can be buried underground; In recent years, explosion accidents in septic tanks and sewers are common across the country.
    Therefore, professional septic tank cleaning, how to clean the septic tank in time?
    The residence time of water in septic tank is an important factor affecting the effluent. Ordinary sedimentation tank in ordinary sedimentation tank, after 2 hours of sedimentation, the sedimentation effect is obvious. The rectangular septic tank with length width ratio and width depth ratio is difficult to meet the hydraulic conditions of horizontal sedimentation tank.
    According to the hospital sewage treatment design standard, the residence time of sewage in the septic tank shall not be less than 36 hours. Suspended solids such as feces in the septic tank shall be filtered and anaerobic decomposed to make the sewage meet the preliminary treatment. If there is little sewage, stay for at least 6 hours.
    Cleaning waste water tank: sewage treatment accidents occur from time to time, the safety awareness is weak, and there are no safety measures and safety rules. Cleaning the sewage tank is an indispensable item in the treatment of sewage tank, which may cause poisoning and suffocation. How to ensure the safety of sewage pool cleaning personnel is particularly important, so we must establish perfect safe operation procedures and mandatory supervision system!
    Steps and precautions for cleaning the sewage tank.
    1. Before cleaning the sewage tank, the sewage inlet valve shall be closed, and the sewage shall be discharged as much as possible, and the natural ventilation shall be maintained for more than 24 hours. If mechanical cleaning can be used, manual cleaning shall be avoided as far as possible.
    2. Workers working in sewage tanks must be healthy and conscious. Persons with respiratory system, cardiovascular system, allergy, skin allergy and women under the age of 18 shall not engage in such work.