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    The sedimentation tank in the clean-up sewage tank treatment contains a large amount of sludge, most of which are organic matter. If the sludge is not discharged in time, anaerobic fermentation can occur, resulting in sludge floating, which not only destroys the normal work of the sedimentation tank, but also worsens the water quality. The initial sedimentation also contains pathogens and heavy metal compounds.
    When the sewage tank is not completely cleaned, the tank shall be stopped (vented) and the sludge shall be cleaned by manual flushing. The maintenance and management of sludge discharge equipment shall be strengthened in the sedimentation tank with mechanical sludge discharge. Once the mechanical sludge discharge equipment fails, it shall be repaired in time to avoid excessive sludge accumulation at the bottom of the tank and affecting the effluent quality.
    The construction method of sewage tank cleaning first cuts off the water source to solve the problem of temporary drainage during construction. The sewage tank is a closed space. Clean the sewage tank and do a good job of ventilation in advance to ensure normal operation.
    Secondly, to clean up the diluted sludge in the sewage tank, it is necessary to dilute the sludge with high-pressure water. In addition, clean the sewage pool and start the equipment of sewage pumping truck. The sludge is sucked out through the pipeline and transported to the sludge truck for treatment, so as to avoid secondary pollution to the environment.
    Basic operation process of septic tank cleaning:
    Open the cover plate of septic tank with iron hook, and use basket and other tools to remove floating objects and sediments.
    Put the dredged sediment into the live manure bag and transport it away by sanitation truck.
    Flush the septic tank and ground with live water pump until it is clean. Cover the well to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well.
    Precautions for cleaning septic tank:
    打開化糞池井蓋后通風10 ~ 15分鐘。人們要適當遠離池邊。禁止在池旁點火、吸煙、接手機,防止沼氣著火或爆炸。
    Open the septic tank well cover and ventilate for 10 ~ 15 minutes. People should stay away from the pool. It is forbidden to ignite, smoke or connect mobile phones near the pool to prevent biogas from ignition or explosion.
    If possible, the staff shall not work in the pool to prevent personnel poisoning. If the staff need to go down the pool in person, they need to wear gas masks. Wear chemical protective clothing and take relevant protective measures.
    After opening the septic tank well cover during work, the workers shall not leave the site. Take care of the scene. After cleaning, the well cover must be covered to prevent pedestrians from falling into the well and causing accidents.
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