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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2021-11-29 15:36:33

    Toilet Jam is a common problem in family life. It not only affects the normal life directly, but also puts us in an awkward position. What if your toilet is clogged?
    The Jinan pipeline dredges the toilet because falls into the plastic brush, the bottle cap and so on hard thing and jams, may use the long handle pliers to clamp the thing, or directly uses the simple dredger to block the toilet. If not, that this little thing stuck in the seat noise eye, we first wash the toilet with water, and then towel dry the water stains above.
    Roll Paper Tube, soap and so on carelessly falls into the sewer, may first pour the boiling water, softens in the sewer pipeline the blocking object, but do not have to be too hasty, must soak for a while, after the blockage softens the foam to disperse, sees the sewage water slowly drains away, another bucket of water should do the trick. Oh, Shit
    For the above method if you are too troublesome, Jinan Shengguo Pipeline Cleaning Co. , Ltd. here have professional staff to help you dredge, practical and not expensive, can easily fix the dredge problem.
    Do not be afraid of blocked toilets, Jinan Pipe dredge use dredger to dredge, dredger can be free expansion, piston-style design. Can Be deep inside the toilet, cleaning the internal blockage, will not hurt the toilet wall.
    The utility model can be simultaneously used for dredging the drainage pipes such as a toilet, a sink, a bathtub, etc. , which are easily blocked. Is also a professional toilet dredger, using the principle of air pressure, as long as the toilet port, moving the trigger to release air pressure, can flush the blockage, help you immediately dredge the toilet.