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    來源:http://www.guanyinhuofo.com  發布時間:2021-11-26 11:34:30

    The drain pipe of the balcony is blocked. It shouldn’t be, as a matter of fact. There’s never been any cleaning of debris here. So the hard thing took a long time to dig out, and found that the drain pipe hose had been stabbed out. Ah, it’s really nothing to look for trouble with. The head was huge in an instant, i was GONNA unclog the drain, but I had to buy a new one.
    Later found that the purchase does not match, back and forth several times, it can not be invited to the Jinan pipeline dredge workers, I told the workers to play for a long time, came to the conclusion: There are plants rooted. Really, pulled out a big ball of Pale and dense roots, but also attached to the black rot of the grass. It is estimated that the typhoon days of showers to a number of broken vegetation washed into the sewer, but did not expect that in the dark pipe, they actually stubborn to survive, no photosynthesis grow green leaves, just desperately rooted, hard life. This life force is truly awesome.
    Well, without any idle talk, the master who unblocked the pipes is the master. It took a few minutes to fix the sewer hoses and unblock the sewers. He told me that the sewage in the drainage pipes overflowed, causing the house to have a strange smell and become moldy, therefore, it is necessary to clean up frequently. In addition, it is also because the improper design of the water pipe is the main cause of the sewage overflow. Therefore, don’t take the initiative to dig out the water pipe by hand when the water pipe is blocked. It is very easy to cause the hose to burst, at this time to ask the master to repair the home is safe, after all, they have equipment.